Much of the stigma about hip and knee replacement are antiquated, inspire fear, and cause anxiety. The modern hip and knee replacement are erasing many of the barriers which inhibited patients from seeking help and treatment of their ailment. The truth is, patients who now have hip and knee replacement can usually walk without aids within two weeks after surgery. They are resuming normal daily activities such as hiking, gardening, and playing sports before 6 weeks. Modern joint replacement patients are getting back to work, life, and family without the long periods of pain and exhausting recovery. 

The successful evolution of the joint replacement is multifactorial. Starting in the office with the pre-operative evaluation, the patient is given the education and encouragement needed to approach their surgery and recovery with confidence. Extensive planning goes in to addressing the patient’s specific needs and individual surgical plan, including radiographic templating, determining instrumentation for surgery, and correcting deformities in leg lengths, gait abnormalities, and alignment (whether the patient has “knocked-knees” or “bow legs”).  On the day of surgery, the anesthesia team is well trained to deliver blocks and spinals to minimize pain, decrease bleeding, and allow for fast recovery. The surgeon utilizes robotics, specialized instruments, and plastics closure to ensure precision and minimize scarring. The physical therapy team aids patients in walking as soon as 2 hours after surgery and teaches them to move around their homes in a safe fashion. In addition, in-home therapy can be provided to ensure the patient recovers quickly and safely in the comfort of their own home. 

The process of having a hip or knee replacement has historically been daunting and scary. However, with the innovations that we have incorporated into our treatment plan, we can minimize variables and ease the fear. The goal is no longer just to recover, but to thrive and get back to enjoying life at its fullest: to travel, play sports, and enjoy being with our families. We are here to help you get back to that life when you are ready. It is our passion and our goal to help, and we will continue to evolve our process with your needs.